What are the benefits of BIO-UV Technology?

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In the past, the impact of the sun and its damaging ultraviolet light has prevented quartz from being applied outdoors. Luckily, this dated constraint is no longer an issue when using Diresco BIO-UV surfaces. In addition, our surfaces are exceedingly robust and will withstand the insidious creep of dampness, frost, and corrosion. Our BIO-UV Technology

What is BIO-UV Technology?

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Due to our unwavering devotion to produce a surface that meets all functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic considerations, we have developed a proprietary BIO-UV Technology. A new and revolutionary advancement in quartz surfacing that dramatically alters the prior limitations and characteristics placed upon quartz surfacing and its design applications. This significant evolution fuses our

How do I care for my quartz counter-top?

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Quartz countertops are easy to care for, and because the surface is non-porous, they are hard to stain. Use mild dish soap and water for everyday cleaning and stay away from harsh, abrasive cleansers, and cleansers that contain bleach. You can gently scrape hardened material off with a plastic putty knife.